Compete & Win with Supply Chain

Warehouse Applications

Warehouse applications that give you visibility, connectivity, and continuity across your facilities


Operations & Design

Plan for future success by engineering efficient solutions including design, process, & software


Automation & Equipment

Streamline operations and increase productivity with material handling equipment and voice automation


Digitally transforming the supply chain can lead to a 50% reduction in process costs and increase revenue by 20%. – MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics

The Blue Horseshoe

Supply Chain Cloud


Transform your business by connecting physical assets with digital intelligence. The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud extends your core business data to transform how you manage your supply chain.

  • Communicate in real-time with your suppliers, carriers, and customers to form a connected network
  • Manage asset movement and freight handling across the supply chain to optimize fulfillment strategies and decrease inefficiencies
  • Automate processes and workflows to decrease manual operations and minimize errors
  • Quickly adapt to the businesses’ needs through scaling and automatic updates

The Modern Supply Chain

Should You Move Your Supply Chain to the Cloud?

The simple answer is yes.

From Walmart’s global operations, to Top Value Fabrics, a small company in Indiana, Azure is accessible to all types of business. With the flexibility to create applications that are specific to your company’s needs, the cloud has so much to offer companies of every industry and size.

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