Supply Chain Cloud

Connecting the physical for a digital supply chain

The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud transforms your business by connecting physical assets & operations with digital intelligence. You’ll improve information flow, uncover new insights, and manage complex logistics. Every stage. Every product. Every interaction.

Supplier relationship building
Profit-driven fulfillment plans
Logistics execution optimization

Uncover Actionable Insights For Your Supply Chain Faster


  • Communicate in real-time with your suppliers, carriers, and customers to form a connected network
  • Manage asset movement and freight handling across the supply chain to optimize fulfillment strategies and decrease inefficiencies
  • Automate processes and workflows to decrease manual operations and minimize errors
  • Quickly adapt to the businesses’ needs through scaling and automatic updates

Driving Value for These Industries

Consumer Packaged Goods
Food & Beverage
Logistic Service Providers & 3PLs

Supply Chain Cloud Functionality

Watch as our team drives into the functionality that will transform your business

Solve Common Supply Chain Challenges


  • Multiple systems to perform activities without integrations
  • Document management or validation
  • Inventory control issues
  • Unable to scale with business trends
  • Lengthy reaction times to business trends
  • Abundance of manual or labor-intensive processes
  • Lack of visibility into supply chain activities

Small Parcel Shipping: D365 Wave 1

Microsoft is including Small Parcel Shipping as part of their D365 2021 wave 1 release. Microsoft licensed this functionality, originally called Small Package Shipping, from Blue Horseshoe in 2018 to provide a connected shipping experience for Dynamics 365 users. With small parcel shipping (SPS), you can integrate Microsoft D365 Finance and Supply Chain Management with parcel carriers to form a connected shipping and data experience.

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Supply Chain Leaders

Pack, Rate & Ship

Small Parcel Shipping

Shop multiple shipping carriers to find the most efficient and profitable order fulfillment option. After selecting the rate and delivery times that match your needs, you’ll have the option to generate carrier compliant shipping labels and tracking numbers. Shipping data can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics or NetSuite to support account assignments and billing.

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