Automation & Equipment

Mobile devices, Voice Directed Systems, and material handling solutions help you improve warehouse operations and increase productivity. Blue Horseshoe will recommend, source, and implement solutions that automate processes and improve accuracy.

Optimize Workflow
Improve Efficiencies
Increase Productivity

Mobile Devices

Your warehouses need to keep up with the growing demands faster fulfillment, accuracy, and reduced training times. Modern mobile devices make that happen. Blue Horseshoe gives you access to the widest range of form factors available – from handheld mobile computers and tablets to wearables and vehicle mounts.

With devices that align with your warehouse, you’ll get faster inventory turns and order fulfillment, higher picking and inventory accuracy, quicker product returns, and faster training and adoption.

Voice Directed Systems

Using voice directed systems in order fulfillment processes improves pick accuracy and increases productivity. Blue Horseshoe helps you assess if a voice directed solution is the right fit for your warehouse. Our process includes equipment selection based on warehouse needs as well as payback analysis.

Services also include request for proposal development, evaluation and selection, and implementation planning. To learn more about selecting a voice directed system, check out our blog for more information.

Material Handling Equipment

Outfitting your distribution center and warehouse facilities with material handling equipment results in more efficient material flow, improved productivity and safer operations. Blue Horseshoe helps you plan, source, and implement solutions that address immediate operational goals while supporting future operations.

  • AS/RS
  • Smart Conveyor
  • Sortation
  • Weight in Motion
  • RFID
  • Storage & Retrieval (OSR)
  • Palletizer
  • Pick-to-Light/Put-to-Light

No Coding Required

Connected Operations

Real-Time Equipment Communication

How much time and money have you spent coding integrations with warehouse equipment and new automation devices?

The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud eliminates the need to spend countless hours coding and managing new integrations for every piece of equipment. With the Connect module, you maintain the real-time communication between your warehouse automation equipment and your enterprise platform.

You’ll decrease IT costs spent on complex integration coding while improving efficiencies and quality controls.

Poco Loco connected their warehouse automation

equipment with Microsoft Dynamics