D365 for Finance & Operations

Unify data, people, and processes across your company. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations gives you intelligent business applications and insightful analytics so you can power transformation where it counts. Using secure data in the cloud, D365 for Finance & Operations gives you real-time visibility into financial performance, automates processes, and strengthens your supply chain.

Accelerate performance

Get global visibility into your financial picture. Adapt quickly to changing business requirements and market trends

Empower employees

Give your employees the tools to deliver proactive customer service with powerful tools and connected resources


Boost productivity

Automate operational processes to free team members to move business forward and focus on innovation

Why D365 Cloud ERP?

Siloed data and disjointed business applications are holding your business back. With cloud ERP Microsoft D365 for Finance and Operations, you’ll have the data, applications, and analytics to move your business forward.

D365 uses the common data model that unites data across finance, supply chain, operations, services, sales, and talent. Microsoft’s One Version services updates help you stay current in a consistent and seamless manner. You’ll get application and platform updates without significant burden on IT resources

It's time for a modern business platform

What are your waiting for?

Wave 2 2019 Release

Microsoft D365

New Capabilities in October Release

The D365 release plan includes new capabilities across business applications including Finance and Operations, Customer Service, and more.

New feature trials begin August 2, with marked October 1 as general availability. Listening to user feedback, Microsoft is specifying when each new feature will be available as well as highlighting how each feature is enabled (like automatically, by admins, or end user).

The key driver for all of the new core capabilities in D365 FO is to increase productivity, enhance the user experience, and boost return on investment.


Elevate financial performance

Close books faster, deliver robust reporting, increase business intelligence, and ensure global compliance

Automate supply chain

Modernize your supply chain with unified, advanced warehouse and inventory management to improve fulfillment, sourcing, and logistics

Run smarter operations

Bring agility and efficiency to your operations to connect and optimize planning, scheduling, and cost management

On Microsoft App Source

Microsoft D365 helps businesses improve financial reporting, increase customer satisfaction, and improve resource management. D365 uses an open platform to bring data together and infuse it with intelligence. The results? Better business processes with fewer tech resources.

The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud and Global Logistics Platform extend your D365 cloud data with purpose built applications. These applications extend and transform supply chain operations. Available on Microsoft AppSource, the Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud gives you the tools you need to manage trading partners, optimize fulfillment, manage asset movement, ship, and more. All from Microsoft D365.

D365 Enables Digital Transformation

  • Manage global business
  • Monitor performance in real-time
  • Predict future outcomes
  • Automate & simplify business processes
  • Engage productivity on the edge
  • Adapt quickly to changes

Ready to move your ERP to the cloud?