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The food and beverage industry faces many challenges including regulatory compliance, supply chain visibility, and changing customer demands. Your ability to react and predict evolving demands is limited by spreadsheets, manual processes, and multiple systems. Blue Horseshoe ties technology, hardware, and data together to form a connected supply chain that empowers you to improve margins and gain the competitive edge. 

Microsoft D365

Sustainably deliver your products with a single system designed to give you the visibility and flexibility you need to meet changing demands


Operations & Design Consulting

Drive growth for your entire enterprise with supply chain strategy, optimized facility design, and technology selection services 


Analytics & Business Intelligence

Connect data from your internal processes, suppliers, and customers to help your company reduce risks and be more profitable


Supply Chain Resiliency

At Peet's Coffee

Predicting and Reacting to Increasing Demand

Digital transformation was underway at Peet’s Coffee when COVID-19 disrupted business-as-usual. The established direct to store delivery grew by 25%, but direct to consumer and Amazon sales surged by 50% and 70%, respectively.   

The added demand forced Peet’s Coffee to make some quick decisions, something they couldn’t do with the lack of visibility from running on spreadsheets and manual processes. 

See what changes Peet’s Coffee made to allow them to cope with the threefold increase in e-commerce sales and made the COO wish he had made the changes earlier. 

We are at the one-year mark with the pandemic. It has been a heck of a year. I’m pleased with the investments we made. I’m pleased with the Blue Horseshoe relationship. I’m glad it (the ERP project) is over. But I wish we had done it earlier. 

–  Eric Lauterbach, COO & President, Peet’s Coffee

Balance Production With Demand
Improve Food Traceability
Easily Adapt to Changing Regulations
Optimize Distribution & Fulfillment
Better Align With Customer Preferences
Harness Data to Grow & Boost Margins

Wineshipping & Product Integrity

Connected Systems, Reduced Costs, and Increased Productivity 

Wineshipping enables beverage companies to go direct-to-consumer effortlessly. To deliver on its mission, Wineshipping looked to Microsoft and Blue Horseshoe to move to D365 and away from their four siloed systems. D365 enabled Wineshipping to meet its financial reporting obligations on time, such as submitting tax reports to state liquor control boards and federal agencies—something that is extremely difficult to do when you have disparate systems. 

Using the centralized data, consumers now had access to information they needed through a new portal built with D365 CRM and connected to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations using Microsoft Azure. 

“By using Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, we’re offering high value to our winery customers,” says Ramakrishnan. “They can manage everything in one place without having to invest in their own systems—instead, they can focus on making and selling outstanding wine.” 

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