Focused Transformation

Blue Horseshoe specializes in helping businesses that all share a common challenge – complex supply chains. Our team of enterprise, financial, and supply chain experts will help you create a focused solution to grow your business and better manage your supply chain.

Food & Beverage

The competition for market share & profits is hitting the food & beverage industry. Modern supply chain strategies & leading edge technologies give you a strategic advantage. Blue Horseshoe provides the guidance and resources to streamline physical operations, connect with suppliers, and increase digital intelligence.

Blue Horseshoe’s knowledge of the food and beverage industry, combined with the functionality of the Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud, gives you industry-specific solutions to digitally transform your business. Learn how Blue Horseshoe streamlined operations for the largest, independent food distributor in Hawaii.

Peet's Tea and Coffee
Patron Spirits Company
Batory Foods

CPG & Distribution

Poised for disruption, companies in the CPG and distribution industry are looking for opportunities to meet the on-demand access for information and increased channel opportunities.

From operations and facility design to technology and equipment selection, Blue Horseshoe helps transform your business data to help you gain new insights and create a connected supply chain. Here’s how to bring your business into the future.

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & logistics providers have many challenges. Asset management, DOT regulations, driver pay, route planning, complex rate structures, etc.

The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud helps you manage assets movement, handle freight, optimize routes, and improve final mile delivery. Here’s how the functionality of the Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud drives down costs while meeting customer demand.


Increasing customer expectations. Vendor management. Balancing in-store and online operations. These all contribute to the pressure retailers are under pressure to deliver on both consumer trends and the bottom line.

With Blue Horseshoe, you can leverage digital technology to optimize operations, improve customer experiences, and adapt quickly to market trends. See how this national book retailer prepared for the future by boosting their supply chain efficiency.

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