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The fourth industrial revolution is bringing new opportunities and a quickly changing data landscape. Companies defining clear data strategies today will be the winners in the coming years. Leveraging business data requires you to prepare for massive data growth, including building data into all your business applications and activities. Deliver powerful insights across data types, sources, and formats by using widely available unstructured data storage.

Managing Data Explosion​

Organizations need the right tools to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data generated by a growing set of data sources such as ERP, CRM, WMS, mobile applications, websites and social media.

Understanding a Growing Variety of Data

Over 85% of new data is unstructured. Companies need a clear and defined data strategy for storage, security, and access to make better, faster, smarter business decisions.

Enabling Real-Time Analysis of Data​

In fast-moving industries, data is the key to staying competitive. That’s why businesses need real-time data to make the right decisions at the right time.

A Modern Platform

Transforming Tech

U.S. Venture Moves to a Data-Centric System

The team at U.S. Venture successfully turned their info-tech department from a small team focused on keeping the lights on, to a guiding force behind the organization’s digital transformation.

“In the last nine years we’ve made many changes to systems to be data-centric, modernizing the platform and building a foundation in which we can keep moving the needle forward,” Duening says, crediting U.S. Venture’s CEO and President John Schmidt for foresight and assistance from various strategic partners.

“Blue Horseshoe has improved our ability to consistently report our financials across all organizations,” Mark Duening says. “And it’s just the beginning of a journey that’s going to further streamline our operations.”

A Strong Data Security Strategy is Critical

In just minutes a breach can damage customer trust for a lifetime


records exposed by hackers in 2020


of customers are lost due to data breaches

$3.96 M

average cost of a data breach


of security threats come from the inside

Leading with Data

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