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The path to unprecedented growth is through the cloud. Modern technology enables companies to connect in new ways to their people, data, and processes. Digital transformation comes to those who align business outcomes, with faster, scalable IT solutions to everyday business challenges.



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Service Quality


CapEx – OpExInstant ProvisioningPerformanceBig Data and IoT/Analytics
TransparencyDevOps and CI/CDScalabilityMachine Learning
Cost SavingsModern Application ArchitecturesReliabilityArtificial Intelligence
Faster Time to MarketSecurity and ComplianceDigital Transformation


Cloud Modernization Enables Digital Transformation

Cloud technology has rapidly grown to become the core of digital transformation. It allows business leaders to see data, act on intelligence, and use new technology at an unprecedented pace. This is why it’s crucial to have your technology managed by the entire business, and not just within the IT department. With ready access to data and intelligent new ways to view, analyze, and use the information, the cloud is empowering leaders with new capabilities to disrupt entire industries.


Spent on security related incidents


IT time is spent on patching/maintenance


Hours can be saved by AI and Intelligence


Average cost of a data breach



Old Technology

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Today’s Technology

Application silos – built for webMulti-channel applications: web, mobile, agents, &  IoT
Static apps to serve up stored dataData-driven apps that are personalized in real-time
Servers and infrastructure managementRemove maintenance efforts & redirect innovation
Upfront capacity planning & fixed scaleElastic, unlimited scale
Optimized for decades-old security threatsIntelligent protection detects threats & real-time notification
Built for hardware & software refresh cyclesOngoing & seamless innovation built-in


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