Manhattan SCALE Implementation Expertise

Manhattan SCALE Implementation Expertise

Manhattan SCALE

Manhattan SCALE™: Supply Chain Architected for Logistics Execution

Manhattan SCALE is a perfect blend of features, function and technology for organizations looking to affordably solve their supply chain execution challenges. Blue Horseshoe is a Manhattan MVP and has successfully implemented and continue to support dozens of Manhattan SCALE projects. As a proud sponsor of the Manhattan SCALE reception each year at Manhattan Momentum, Blue Horseshoe sets itself apart as one of the top providers for Manhattan SCALE implementations, integrations and support.

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Following is a brief overview on the functions of Manhattan SCALE.

Built on Microsoft technologies, Manhattan SCALE offers:

  • Sophisticated logistics capabilities
  • Rapid deployment
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Highly configurable environment
  • Hassle-free upgrades
  • Low total cost of ownership

Manhattan SCALE fine tunes internal operations with more efficient layout, well utilized resources, streamlined inventory and flawless order fulfillment.

Inventory Management

  • Track data on every unit
  • Improve accuracy  of every order
  • Reduce safety stock

Picking Slot Replenishment

  • Ensure the proper products are in the correct picking locations at the right time

Distribution Optimization

  • Cross-docking and flow-through capabilities
  • Integration in Yard Management
  • Reduce need for warehouse space
  • Improve warehouse layout for faster fulfillment and overhead reduction

Order Planning

  • Simplify order fulfillment by optimizing the manner in which orders are aggregated, picked and shipped
  • Streamline this traditionally labor-intensive process with best-in-class wave management features


  • Automate picking, packing and shipping
  • Minimize the number of moves per order
  • Analyze every facet of order fulfillment


  • Uses the latest technology for receiving, picking and shipping products
  • Increase order accuracy and security against loss and counterfeiting
  • See inventory data in greater detail while complying with EPC standards

SCALE reduces transportation costs by automating the transportation rating process, cutting back on time spent managing costs and carriers.

  • Manage and track all major carriers’ shipments
  • Maintain full control of your products with complete track and trace capabilities
  • Schedule arrivals by dock
  • Reduce loading and unloading time

SCALE gives you control over yard operations so the intersection of internal and external operations is seamless.

  • Gain visibility into the precise locations of all trailers and other assets
  • Ensures accuracy of proper trailer and dock positions when your trailers are moving from yard to dock through RFID technology
  • Time shipments with appointment scheduling based on:
  • Type
  • Load configuration
  • Labor requirements
  • Dock capacity
  • Warehouse capacity
  • Guard Check-In ensures efficient appointment management and enhances security
  • Perform inquiries, run reports and review information in real-time using reporting functions

SCALE is always improving your business by optimizing your labor, slotting and billing.

Labor Management

  • Track associate time and increase productivity
  • Calculate estimated task duration
  • Provide synchronized reporting on employee performance
  • Optimize schedules for your workforce
  • Assign work more efficiently

Labor Planning (forecasting tool)

  • Projects number of employees necessary to complete work
  • Improve labor efficiency
  • Reduce overtime hours
  • Increase customer service levels

Slotting Optimization

  • Scientifically determines the best picking profile for your warehouse
  • Enables you to make timely, intelligent decisions as order trends change
  • Calculates a relative value for each position its slot might occupy in your facility.
  • Aggregates values for all products and compares millions of move combinations to determine best layout of your warehouse
  • Revises layouts incrementally as trends emerge and products phase in and out of your business

Billing Management

  • Provides a flexible activity-based solution
  • Streamlines cost tracking and analyzes cost data
  • Integrates information from Warehouse Management and Transportation Execution
  • Enables you to compare actual costs of service by client, partner or line of business

Key features include:

  • Client, activity and rule configuration
  • Transactional and storage billing engines that can be automated or manually initiated
  • Audit capabilities that include pre-invoice review, charge adjustments and discounts
  • Invoice generation and printing

SCALE improves the flow of goods throughout your supply chain as you reduce costs and maximize productivity.

  • Synchronizes business processes with trading partners across your entire network through enhanced communication
  • Maintains accurate and appropriate inventory levels at all times
  • Adheres to delivery schedules
  • Web-based solution for managing orders
  • Visibility of supply chain
  • Advances ship notices
  • Visibility of order status provides self-serve customer service