MA AX – Manhattan Associates and AX

MA AX – Manhattan Associates and AX

About MAAX
Manhattan Associates and AX, or MAAX, combines both Manhattan Associates SCALE and Microsoft Dynamics AX into a single integrated system. By bundling these two “best of breed” solutions together, Blue Horseshoe has developed a single, deployable solution, creating a complete global enterprise system.

How MAAX Works

MAAX is specifically designed to merge the sophisticated Warehouse Management System (Manhattan SCALE) with the powerful Enterprise System (Microsoft Dynamics AX). In doing so, MAAX processes real-time data from multiple data sources, and it aggregates and consolidates all this data to provide “one view.”

You do not have to log in to a separate WMS or ERP to get the information you need, allowing you to manage your business through faster and better information, immediately impacting your bottom line.

Exclusive from Blue Horseshoe
Because Blue Horseshoe is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner as well as a
Premiere Partner of Manhattan Associates for over 10 years, Blue Horseshoe is
the best equipped company in the world to develop and deploy this single,
global enterprise solution.

Closing the Loop
By integrating MAAX into your business, you are truly operating just one system. This integration, in turn, closes the loop on the complete order lifecycle. From order and fulfillment to shipment and payment, your business processes are completely transparent and seamless. providing clarity, continuity and completeness across the enterprise.

There is no other system on the market that covers such a gamut of solutions as easily and as automatically. Some of the many benefits of MAAX include:

  • Protects Investment
  • Continued Feature Functionality
  • Accountability
  • Single Source Provider
  • Direct Support
  • Global View
  • Inclusive Deployment
  • Reduce Cost
  • Decrease Overhead
  • Diminish Risk

Backed by Manhattan’s and Microsoft’s tremendous R&D, you can be sure that Blue Horseshoe will always keep your system up-to-date and fully supported. Should you need anything, Blue Horseshoe is your single source provider for support and service. We are your partners every step of the way.

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