INFOR / LAWSON – Consulting Managed Services

INFOR / LAWSON – Consulting Managed Services

Infor / Lawson
As a Certified Infor-Lawson Service Partner, the Blue Horseshoe consulting and managed services teams have been delivering successful projects globally across all of Infor/Lawson’s vertical industries for over a decade.

Experience & Track Record

Our consultants have performed successful implementations in all Lawson platforms including: Mainframe, UNIX, iSeries, Windows, and the Cloud.  Not only are we well equip to handle clients on any Lawson platform, we have executed upgrades on every release since version 4.0. Over the past decade, we’ve worked directly with all of Infor/Lawson’s vertical markets, with a specific focus on Healthcare…and we have the experience to back it up, as our team has serviced over 100 Lawson clients globally.

It’s a bold statement, but no one has more experience dealing with the challenges that customers face on every level.  We look inside the operations to fully understand the challenges our clients face, uncover the core of any issues they are experiencing, recommend solutions to fit their needs, and then execute and implement the most appropriate solutions to allow increased productivity and ROI.

ERP Solutions

Infor/Lawson software delivers a competitive advantage and business flexibility to companies by providing complete business solutions for complex processes. Lawson is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that primarily offers two product lines that are built upon advanced technological applications.  Blue Horseshoe’s expertise encompasses solutions in:

  • Infor/Lawson Healthcare Services
    -Mobile Supply Chain Management
    -Grant Management
  • Global Retail Expertise
  • Business Financials, Accounting, Procurement, and Materials Management
  • Infor/Lawson Product Installations for all platforms – Unix, Windows, and iSeries
  • Infor/Lawson Product Updates & Upgrades
  • Supply Chain & Inventory Management
  • Human Capital Management

Infor/Lawson Upgrade Services

Take the next step in developing a plan for the future of your Lawson system; let Blue Horseshoe help to ensure that you and your business have the support you need…now and in the future. Blue Horseshoe is certified on all platforms that Lawson supports including: Mainframe, UNIX, Windows, iSeries, and the Cloud.

Infor/Lawson Healthcare Solutions

Blue Horseshoe knows the importance of being able to provide services and upgrades in a timely manner to organizations so we are a certified partner with Lawson Healthcare software.

Infor/Lawson Professional Services

Consulting and professional support are a major part of business. Solid, reliable solutions can help launch a business into the next phase of success. Lawson provides customers with the highest level of consulting and professional support services for both local and global companies.

Contact Blue Horseshoe today to learn more about our Infor/Lawson solutions and how we can help your business.