Top Logistics Trends for 2014 – Part 3 of 3

Top Logistics Trends for 2014 – Part 3 of 3

According to Amazon, the supply chain of the future will have swarms of drones filling the sky making deliveries. While drone delivery is not immediately available, Amazon’s public announcement of continuing research during the 2013 holiday season demonstrates a culmination of automation research that will come to the forefront of discussions in 2014. Automation is one of the enabling trends that we see being important in 2014 and leads our discussion for this part in our series of 2014 trends.

8. Automation

Amazon made headlines in late 2013 when they announced that they were developing drones to deliver products. What hasn’t gotten as much press is that both Amazon and Google have made acquisitions of automation and robotics companies. Both of these companies are looking to develop solutions that will drastically change how companies operate their supply chains. The automation companies are developing includes driverless delivery vehicles, automated picking systems, and manufacturing robotics. These developments will continue to get press coverage in 2014 and this can lead many companies to consider the role of automation in their supply chain in the form of automated picking systems, redesigned conveyor systems, and automated vehicles to assist with picking.

The TransTech division of Blue Horseshoe has over 25 years of experience in helping companies determine their automation needs, selecting the right partners, integrating systems, and delivering the solution around the globe. From voice picking to fully automated AS/RS warehouses, we have assisted companies big and small with determining the right solutions.

9. The War for Talent

2013 showed signs of an improving economy in the United States and Europe. As the economy grows, companies are going to be competing for a limited pool of available resources to develop and lead supply chain projects. How companies hire, train, and retain talent will be a major topic for top executives this year.

So what do you do when you have more projects than you have the resources to manage? Blue Horseshoe has been continuing to hire and train some of the top Supply Chain strategy and implementation consultants in the business. If you find yourself lacking the resources required to get your projects planned and delivered, let us help you overcome your resource challenges and deliver results quickly and effectively.

I also wrote an article on what companies can do to help over overcome the “Supply Chain Talent Gap,” that was published this month in the CSCMP Supply Chain Quarterly.

10. Big Data Security

It is another year and another discussion of how big data will change the way business is done. While 2013 the discussion of big data was focused on implementing large scale analytics projects, 2014 will move the focus to big data security.  There seems to be a daily barrage of reports on data loss, storing of information by governments, and social media hacks. This barrage demonstrates that our rush to get as much online as possible has consequences to data security and many professionals will be spending 2014 putting their fingers into the leaks to try and stop a worldwide problem.

What is, “The Next Big Thing,” for Supply Chain Management?

It can be hard for busy professionals to keep track of a changing supply chain environment. As this series of articles has demonstrated, change is constant and what is a trend today might not be one tomorrow. When considering partners for your future supply chain initiative, you should select one with deep experience in the tools and technology that is required for the supply chain of the future. That is why you should select Blue Horseshoe.


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