The Future of Augmented Reality is (Almost) Here

The Future of Augmented Reality is (Almost) Here

The Future of Augmented Reality is (Almost) Here

With Microsoft’s announcement of the HoloLens, it got a lot of people in our office excited about the advancements in augmented reality that have been discussed for years, but little has been implemented in the workplace. If the HoloLens becomes a reality, it could be a game changer for the way businesses think about training, development, and design.

When we polled our Strategy Team on how the HoloLens could be used, we got a few great insights into the future of Augmented Reality:

  • Use the device as a training aid. You could train someone literally anywhere in the world because you could recreate the virtual warehouse wherever you wanted.
  • Could totally transform the way we present data as part of the sales cycle or during a project, even the boring Data Reviews could become an interactive demonstration of processes, models, and charts. Imagine walking someone through their current operation and being able to show them exactly where issues are arising.
  • Real-time data visualization in distribution and/or manufacturing. You are able to use simulation to work as a real-time management tool (workload monitoring, etc.), not just a concept development tool. Bottlenecks become visual cues, not just data points and it allows you to better manage the workflow in a facility.
  • For customer service, you can see what the customer is seeing in their system or facility. You can then direct them to make changes based on what you see through their system.
  • Manufacturing / Assembly – Similar to what was on the movie Microsoft showed during their demo. Instructions become working holograms that you can interact with and master assemblers can teach people how to do a task from anywhere in the world.
  • This could be an amazing tool for real estate and property developers. You would be able to simulate warehouse layouts in a building before a single rack goes up and make changes to the layout on the fly. Many projects could be conceptualized earlier in the sales and design process.
  • Be able to give pickers / loaders visual indications of what to pick, how much, and where the product goes. The system could then track exactly what is being done and even provide visual cues on how to correctly pick and stack products.
  • For teams spread around the world, you can work on the same design from anywhere in real time. You wouldn’t have to worry about sending huge files or deal with the headaches of screen sharing. Everyone could work from the same visual and you don’t have to worry about changing resolutions, or the file sizes as much.

Compared to other devices, HoloLens would seem to be able to create a large variety of uses for business and consumer uses. From interactive games to complex warehouse designs, it is our hope that the HoloLens becomes another tool in our tool set.

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