See The NEW Dynamics AX – Cloud First, Mobile First

See The NEW Dynamics AX – Cloud First, Mobile First

See The NEW Dynamics AX - Cloud First, Mobile First

One of the most anticipated launches in the industry will take place March 8th and 9th anywhere and everywhere you plan to be that day.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Launch Event

Microsoft Dynamics AX will virtually launch its new cloud-first, mobile-first version online. Join us as we tune in to a vision for the future that is already here.

Blue HorseshoeThis next major version of Microsoft Dynamics AX promises to set the stage for a new transformation in cloud computing and confirms the general direction Microsoft is heading with all its products – cloud first, mobile first. This new philosophy espouses a vision of increasing the productivity of consumers and businesses through better delivery and usability of technology.

Cloud first in Dynamics AX translates to a new cloud optimized platform for both public and private deployments, but with an on-premises option too. Mobile first means Microsoft believes that productivity is about empowering people and not simply enacting artificial technological walls that force people to work in predefined ways. Integrations between non-Microsoft products and devices will be such that there should be no difference in a user’s experience based on the mobile device they use, be it an iPhone, iPad, Android, or other type of device.

You can get your first look at all the details by tapping into the virtual launch. We got your ticket … click below to Register Now.

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