Scott Sevenish from Blue Horseshoe to Present at the Interactive Warehouse Solutions Summit

Scott Sevenish from Blue Horseshoe to Present at the Interactive Warehouse Solutions Summit

Scott Sevenish from Blue Horseshoe to Present at the Interactive Warehouse Solutions Summit

Scott Sevenish, Senior Strategy Consultant at Blue Horseshoe will be a featured presenter at this year’s Interactive Warehouse Solutions Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, on February 9th, 2015.  This invitation only event will feature presentations from industry experts on the latest trends and technologies impacting the order fulfillment and supply chain.  Scott’s presentation is titled Bucket Brigades: From Theory to Real-Life Applications.

Often companies do not achieve their maximum productivity potential due to barriers imposed on their associates through fixed zone picking methods. Scott from Blue Horseshoe’s TransTech Division will present a number of real-world case study outlining the implementation of “Bucket Brigade”, or flexible work zone picking, to produce optimal results and payback.  Scott will share some recent success stories of clients, such as PartyLite, that applied Bucket Brigades within their DCs to greatly improve throughput for a team of order pickers.


With its origins in the insect world, Bucket Brigades are self-organizing systems that naturally partition work within a group. Similar to how water can be passed from person to person in a fire fighting bucket brigade, a picking bucket brigade can pass an order from work cell to work cell within a pick zone, adding picks from that zone to the order until it is complete. This style of picking has been show in many client scenarios to reduce the travel time of each picker and greatly increase the number of lines a picker can pick in a day.

Combined with leading Blue Horseshoe thought leadership and technology, companies can realize massive productivity gains compared to traditional picking work assignments. During Scott’s presentation, attendees of the Interactive Warehouse Solutions Summit will learn about the complementary technologies that Blue Horseshoe offers that will make Bucket Brigade picking effective for a wide variety of organization. For more information on how we can help your organization, contact us today.


Scott has 30 years of experience in operations strategy, process improvement and manufacturing where he holds two US patents for his work on developing new manufacturing processes and products.  Previous projects have included distribution strategy development, network design/optimization, operations improvement, ERP and SCM software justification and vendor selection, as well as the implementation of solutions in service operations, stores, distribution, and manufacturing.   Scott earned a Mechanical Engineering Technology degree from Toledo University and a Master’s in Business Administration from The Ohio State University.


Blue Horseshoe TransTech Division is a management consulting firm that has been providing expert supply chain consulting solutions to Fortune 500 and mid-market businesses throughout the world since 1983. Based in North America, Blue Horseshoe, TransTech assesses business needs and applies world-class business applications to improve profitability and increase efficiency. For more about Blue Horseshoe, TransTech Division, visit

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