Putting more AX into beer, wine and spirits!

Putting more AX into beer, wine and spirits!

Putting more AX into beer, wine and spirits!

We love making news around here, especially when it involves new and innovative ways to help our clients get more from their businesses and their software.

On Thursday, we were pleased to see headlines about Blue Horseshoe’s latest joint project involving Microsoft Dynamics AX with Retail Realm. The joint announcement was about our new software partnership that enables us to extend Microsoft Dynamics AX for the retail side of the Beer, Wine & Spirits industry.

As you will read by hitting the links below, last month, we secured the enterprise software (ERP) implementation contract with one of Nevada’s largest liquor store chains. A key decision factor was the addition of RR mAX, an integrated solution developed by Retail Realm, a multinational retail-centric software developer and distributor, that maximizes Microsoft Dynamics AX in retail, supermarkets and hospitality.

We are very excited to see this development and excited to be working closely with Retail Realm.

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