Leveraging Aliases for Ledger Account Entry in Microsoft Dynamics 2012

Leveraging Aliases for Ledger Account Entry in Microsoft Dynamics 2012

Leveraging Aliases for Ledger Account Entry in Microsoft Dynamics 2012

Do you hate entering all those financial dimensions for a journal entry? Use an Alias instead!

Financial dimensions are a powerful tool to help define and report on the operations of the business. For users that must enter these dimensions on transactions, this can become time consuming. This is especially true for companies that have several required dimensions on transactions. When there are business units, divisions, regions, departments and cost centers that must be defined on each transaction in addition to the main account, entering each element on a transaction can take time. Omitting one of the elements can mean inaccurate or incomplete reporting.

So how does a business capture all of these elements and still allow for productive data entry? Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 has a tool to help with that. It’s called Ledger Account Alias. With a quick, one-time set up, that long account/dimension string can be reduced to a short code. For entries where the financial dimension string is the same (or even close), the Ledger Account Alias is a huge time saver.

Here’s how it works. On a general journal, the financial dimensions for an entry may require something like 606300-001-022-008-AudioRM. However this entire financial dimension string could be assigned to a code of osaud. When entering the account on the journal entry, the alias code of osaud is entered and the full ledger account/financial dimension string of 606300-001-022-008-AudioRM replaces it automatically. You can even set up the alias with a partial financial dimension string and allow the user to enter a variable dimension, such as a cost center that changes for each entry.

Follow these steps to set up a ledger account alias

  • In AX, navigate to General ledger>>Setup>>Chart of accounts>>Ledger account alias
  • Click the New button to create a new alias
  • Enter a name – this will be the code used for entry
  • Select a type – default is Shared, which allows the alias to be used by any legal entity. Other options are user group or a single user
  • Select the account structure to use for this alias. Select from all available account structures in the organization
  • Select the legal entity to use. This is a filtered list based on the account structure selected
  • Enter the financial dimension values that will be displayed when the alias is entered. This can be a complete or partial financial dimension string
  • Select the initial focus for the financial dimension that is selected when the alias is entered. This will place the cursor at this dimension on entry to allow quick entry of a variable dimension

Ledger Account Alias Screen
Ledger Account screen

GI Lines Entry – Alias Code

GI Lines EntryGI Lines Entry – Account string populated after Alias

GI Entry Acct String


To use the alias, create a general journal entry. Go to lines and begin entry as usual. Instead of entering the account/dimension string, just enter the alias, i.e. osaud. Press tab key and the ledger account alias definition will populate the entry line and leave the cursor on the dimension specified in the alias setup for initial focus.

Ledger Account Alias can also be used anywhere an accounting distribution is used. This could be an accounts payable invoice or a free text invoice, etc. Using the Ledger Account Alias will prove to be a valuable productivity tool for users in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.





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