How to set up a multi-step receiving process

How to set up a multi-step receiving process

How to set up a multi-step receiving process

Staging receiving orders can be accomplished in a few different ways

Functionality in the Warehouse Management module in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 makes it possible to have multi-step work processes.  During the receiving process, it may be necessary to have multiple steps for the put-away work. For example, you may have a process where a worker receives inventory and needs to put it to a specific staging location before another worker comes along and puts that inventory away to the final put location.  A multi-step work process would be needed in order to accommodate the process requirements described in the process above.

With the multi-step setup, when inventory is received, the work will be created with multiple steps.  This gives a company the capability to have a more dynamic work process where the system is able to direct inventory to specific in-between locations such as staging locations and then final put locations based upon specifics defined within the location directives.  This work can also be created in a way where multiple users will be able to execute different steps in the work process. An example where this would be needed would be a process where a worker on the floor receives a pallet and moves it to a staging location with a pallet jack.  Another worker then would come along with a fork lift and put the pallet away to a high bay location.

Overall, the ability to configure work processes in this way in Warehouse Management gives companies the flexibility to meet more complex process requirements as well as more visibility throughout those work processes.

Basic Setup

Work Template (Warehouse Management>Setup>Work>Work Template)

  • The work template is used to define the number of steps that the work will have, the work type of those steps, and other characteristics related to the structure of the work.
  • The “Stop Work” field will need to be set on lines with a work type of pick if you plan on having different users execute different parts of the work.

Work template











Directive Code (Warehouse Management>Setup>Directive codes)

  • Unique directive codes will need to be added to all puts except the final put on both the work template and corresponding desired location directives.











Location Directives (Warehouse Management>Setup>Location directives)

  • The location directives will be used to find locations for the inventory during work creation based upon both the inventory and the work template.

Location Directives










Menu Item (Warehouse Management>Setup>Mobile device>Mobile device menu items)

  • A menu item with a mode of “work” and the work creation process set to one of the purchase order receiving options will need to be used to receive the inventory.
  • A menu item with a mode of “work” and the “Use existing work” flag selected will need to be used to complete the work if the inventory has been received but not put away.

Menu item


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