Employees Affect Change and Growth at Blue Horseshoe

Employees Affect Change and Growth at Blue Horseshoe

At Blue Horseshoe…Everyone Affects Change and Growth!!!

Just another benefit of working at Blue Horseshoe, a North American based solution services firm, is their commitment to giving back to employees for all their hard work throughout the year!

Blue Horseshoe holds an annual BH Challenge, an employee benefit/reward program designed to help the company achieve defined business goals in management & strategy consulting, system implementation, and distribution design services for the upcoming year, while providing benefits back to employees for their contribution to these successes.

As 2011 draws to a close, Blue Horseshoe is pleased to announce the end of this years successful BH Challenge, and has been passing out lots of valuable gift cards to employees throughout the holidays to say Thank You for all their hard work!

Hard Work and Big Hearts…

What is so special about the BH Challenge, is how so many employees use these rewards as a time to show their own personal gratitude and willingness to give back to their community. The holiday spirit was alive and well this year as stories of how everyone planned to use their gift cards floated around the office. The rewards were used for everything from finding local families online in need of food and necessities to contributing to someone’s critical vehicle repairs. Blue Horseshoe’s fabulous employees are a huge part of our success and help to set us apart in the software industry.

Cheers and best wishes to everyone for a fantastic end to 2011!
Blue Horseshoe looks forward to the start of another great new year!

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