Day in the Life of Customer Support using AX 2012 Call Centers

Day in the Life of Customer Support using AX 2012 Call Centers

Day in the Life of Customer Support using AX 2012 Call Centers

Call Center

The release of AX 2012 R3 added a new Call Center module which will benefit organizations that have a call center to support their clients.   The Call Center in AX 2012 R3 is a great tool that Call Centers can use to allow their Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) access to valuable information when receiving a call and supporting your customers.  The Call Center comes packed with many features that include one screen search and support for customer, creation of order, cancelling of order, payment via credit card, creation of return orders from one screen, placing orders on hold, access to back order information and many other features that make this module a great addition to your AX 2012 implementation.

In the following scenario, we will get into the life of a CSR using the new Call Center module.   We will demonstrate the Customer Service Screen, Scripts, Upsell/Cross Sell and Payment functionality when receiving a call from a customer and placing a new order.

Day in the Life – Customer Calls to place a New Order

Let’s pretend that a customer calls one of our Contoso CSRs with a request to place an order.

  • CSR: “Hello, How can I help you today?”
  • Customer: “Hello, My Name is Ruth. I just received your Summer Catalog and would like to place an Order for an item that I fell in love with.”
  • CSR: “Of Course! Happy to serve you today.  May I have your phone number or customer account, or email to search for your account?”
  • Customer: “My phone number is the following. 206-555-5613”
    • In AX CSR we will go to the Call Center > Journals > Customer Service.
    • From this screen the CSR has the option to search using keywords to find the customer account information. For our scenario we will use the phone number to find the correct customer.



  • CSR will select the Phone Number to search for and enter the customer’s phone number. The CSR form will be updated with the customer information shown below.


  • From this screen, the CSR will be able to see :
    • Sales Order History, last time this customer placed an order
    • Customer Balances,
    • Sales Order History,
    • The SO grid will display all SOs for this customer sorted with the latest showing first to see the latest SO on the top, with SO Status, Payment Status, Created Date, Ship Date, Payment method information.  All in one screen.
  • For this scenario, the CSR will know that customer on the line is in good credit standing and proceed to place the order by clicking on the SO menu option.




  • CSR: “I see your information and I am ready to take your order.  You said that you have catalog for our semi-annual sale?  I will enter that code to ensure you get our discounts.”
    • CSR will enter the catalog source code (id) to apply discounts from this catalog to the customer order.


  • Customer: “I would like to order 50 Brown Glove units, size large. The item id for those is 81319.”
  • CSR: “Sure, I will be happy to add these lines to the order.”
      • CSR proceeds to enter the order line with the requested item and quantity information.csr-5
      • After the Sales Order line is entered the CSR will save the line and move to the next line by pressing the down arrow key or add lines button in AX. For our example, we have configured this item to upsell/cross-sell an item and also use a script when offering the item to the customer.
        • Upsell/Cross-sell: The new AX 2012 Call Center functionality allows to configure items for cross sell and upsell.  In the example below, item 81320 has been setup to be offered to the customer.
        • Scripts: Scripts are another great feature that is part of the Call Center and that allows you set predefined scripts to welcome the customer or add information for example when trying to upsell an item giving your organization consistency on the message that you deliver to your customer.  For our example, a script was created for CSR to try to upsell the item.



  • CSR: “You might also like this item Brown Leather Gloves ” Would you be interested in buying it?”
  • Customer: “Sure.  Let’s place an order of 5 so I can introduce these items in my store.”
  • CSR: “Anything else for your order?”
  • Customer: “No thank you I am ready to pay.”
  • CSR: “OK.”
  • CSR: “Your Total for the Order is $4260.00 including taxes.”
    • CSR will click the complete button on the SO Header or X to exit and save the order.
    • A Sales Order Summary form will be displayed with totals for the order.


  • CSR: “Anything else?”
  • Customer: “Yes quick request. Could you add a note to indicate that order is urgent”?
  • CSR: “Sure”
    • CSR will have the option to add notes, cancel the order, go back and modify the order or add charges.
    • csr-8
    • CSR will add notes to the order.
    • csr-9


  • CSR: “Ok I have added to the SO a special note with urgent delivery.”
  • Customer: “I am ready to pay now.  I would like to use my credit card information.”
  • CSR: “Let me get your credit card information.”
    • CSR will click on the Payment menu of the Sales Order Summary.
    • Select the desired method of payment (Cash, Credit Card).
    • csr-10


  • Once ready CSR will press submit and the SO will be processed.
  • csr-11
  • A message will be displayed to inform the CSR that the payment has been completed.
  • csr-12


For customers in AX 2012 R3, the Call Center is great addition that I highly recommend as a way to extend your sales channels and serve your customer better.  The new Call Center module brings quick access to information CSRs need to manage a customer call resulting in a greater experience to your customers.




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