Blue Horseshoe Kickoff 2018 – Year of the Customer

Blue Horseshoe Kickoff 2018 – Year of the Customer

Blue Horseshoe Kickoff 2018 - Year of the Customer

Biggest crowd ever. Celebrating our biggest year ever. And looking ahead to another big year – that’s what more than 125 Blue Horseshoe employees experienced at our annual Kickoff event held at Crane Bay in downtown Indianapolis.

Our folks from Carmel, Columbus and Charlotte gathered for Kickoff 2018 on Friday, February 2, to enjoy a meal, listen to presentations breaking down where we’ve been and where we are going and celebrating some of our top successes of 2017 – including the grand opening of our new corporate headquarters in Carmel.

The large crowd was not unexpected as Blue Horseshoe continued to grow the last 12 months with more plans to expand in the coming year.

Chris Cason, our President and CEO, kicked things off by reminding us that despite the positive numbers that showed our tremendous growth and success, the true measure of our success comes in seeing how our customers succeed.

“We must always focus on our goal of making our customers better at what they do,” said Chris, adding that our strategic direction in 2018 is very simply, “Year of the Customer.”

Kevin “KP” Paul took that to the next step in his presentation on sales and marketing by likening our team of experts to a team of Sherpa’s, the Himalayan people living on the borders of Nepal and Tibet, renowned for their skill in mountaineering.

“We are kind of like Sherpa’s here at Blue Horseshoe, helping our customers reach the peak of success,” said KP.

Next up on the agenda was Chad Edge on project management. He had the honor of revealing the coveted Project of the Year for 2017 – which this year went to a team of dedicated employees under the direction of Pete Sprague, working on the Batory Foods project. Congratulations to Pete and that team!

On a day filled with joy and laughter, some of the biggest chuckles came during John Foster’s research and development presentation, especially when John proudly pulled out his “propeller hat” as a sign that he embraces the stylings of computer-savvy and technically-proficient people, who have sometimes been mocked as “propeller heads” thanks to the one-time popularity of these beanies.

Clearly, when it comes to digging deep into the complicated world of supply chain logistics and the software that supports it, we are proud of our beanies!

Brian Cason brought the “meat” of the presentations home with a look at some internal changes happening as the company continues to expand, urging everyone not to lose sight over who we truly are in the business world.

“We are truly ‘solutions consultants’ and we want to always renew our efforts to all we can to help our customers succeed. That’s what we do.”



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