The Go-To Experts for America’s Best Craft Brewers

The Go-To Experts for America’s Best Craft Brewers

The Go-To Experts for America's Best Craft Brewers

CARMEL, IN – With the recent signing of a third Top-10 craft brewer, the opening of our own small craft brewery in Indiana and some great media coverage, Blue Horseshoe Solutions continues to position itself as the go-to experts for America’s top craft brewers.

Blue Horseshoe recently signed Michigan-based Bell’s Brewery, giving it 3 of the top 10 craft brewers in America, including New Belgium (Colorado) and Stone Brewing (California). All three are in the Top 10 of the Top 50 Breweries of 2014 as published by the Brewers Association.

SOURCE: Top 50 Craft Breweries in the United States

No. 4

New Belgium Brewing (CO)


No. 8

Bell’s Brewery (MI)

No. 9

Stone Brewing Co. (CA)

Why are we sought after by some of the fastest-growing craft beer makers in America? Simple: We understand business, we understand logistics and the software solutions that can make it more efficient and profitable … and … we understand beer and the need to get the creative hops of our clients into the bottles and transported to customers as quickly as possible.

Simply put, we are passionate about craft beer.

One of our founders, Kevin Paul, recently opened up his own craft brewery in Carmel, Indiana, calling it Danny Boy Beerworks and coming up with a variety of recipes to keep our palates hopping. Training Day, Danny Boy Black, Mac Daddy, Miss Ginger Witte … those are just a few of the beers that routinely pour out of the taps at the popular brewery.

Known by friends and co-workers as “KP,” Kevin grew up in an Irish neighborhood in Detroit. His father was a recreational home brewer, sparking a lifelong passion for beer and his Irish heritage. Beginning in 1993, KP and his wife, Lainie – also a beer enthusiast – started dreaming of owning their own brewery and corner-style pub.  They visited breweries around the world and immersed themselves in different beer styles, brewing techniques, brewery ambiance, and even building architecture.

In January 2008, they realized their dream of starting a pub and opened the doors of The Brockway Public House in Carmel.

In 2010, the Pauls joined forces with co-worker and friend, Prescott Sanders, an avid home brewer, and his wife Sara. Together the two families worked to perfect some of the Sanders’s favorite home brew recipes and Prescott became the Brew Master for Danny Boy. Both KP and Prescott have always enjoyed exploring a myriad of beer styles, however they always found themselves returning to the iconic styles upon which the craft beer industry was initially founded. As such, KP and Prescott focused on dialing in these traditional styles specifically to fill the gap for session beers within the craft beer market.

Danny Boy started as a true nano-brewery, at first brewing small 5 gallon batches in glass carboys and then grew to a half-barrel system that could brew one keg at a time.  As the recipes were finalized and demand began to exceeded supply, the Danny Boy founders sought a larger facility to house the brewery. They had to look no further than the Paul’s neighborhood.

Danny Boy broke ground in August 2013 at the location that would one day be known as Danny Boy Beer Works, in the heart of the Village of West Clay.  In November 2014, the Danny Boy Brew Crew, led by Head Brewer Dustin Brown and Assistant Brewer Derrek Herring, proudly brewed the first batch of Danny Boy beer inside the new facility at Danny Boy Beer Works.

More than just ‘craft’

Blue Horseshoe also counts as clients Pabst Brewing (Texas), the 3rd largest overall brewer in US; Anchor Brewers and Distillers (California) and Patron Tequila of (Las Vegas). As well as countless beverage distribution customers. BH is becoming the go-to experts in the craft beer and beverage distribution industry, where speed of production, warehousing, trace-ability and delivery are very important for fresh taste and efficiencies in distribution.

How has the craft beer market grown?

  • By volume 11% in 2014 up from 5% in 2010
  • By dollar value 19.3% in 2014
  • 22.2 M barrels in 2014 up from 8.5 M in 2008


Why have craft breweries and brands grown so quickly?

  • There has been quick growth of the market thanks in part to popular brands effectively using social media a spread their good news of great beer.
  • Consumers are quickly becoming more educated beer drinkers, and wanting more flavor and choices. This has caused a new attitude toward “big beer,” reducing the market share of the large breweries and causing the resurgence of older/smaller brands like Pabst Blue Ribbon.

What issues must craft brewers address to maintain their growth and market share and how does Blue Horseshoe help?

  • Inefficiencies in warehousing and transportation
  • Visibility into product cost / Lot tracking
  • Sourcing, Procurement and visibility of raw materials
  • Scalability
  • Production, Warehousing and Transportation Capacity
  • Streamline upgrades and addition of facilities, warehouses and breweries.

In the news


Blue Horseshoe’s story of craft beer expertise recently made the news in Indianapolis when WISH-TV paid a visit to Danny Boy Beerworks to interview KP and chat about the craft beer industry, while getting a tour of the brewery.

Check out the video here.

As reported by WISH …

“Kevin Paul has a company in Carmel that does business around the world, even though he has two other companies that serve a primarily Carmel clientele. But all three companies go together. Paul owns a bar, a brewery and Blue Horseshoe Solutions. The first two are easy enough to understand. The third, Blue Horseshoe, has been around since 2001. He calls it “a systems integration software company.”

“In short, it develops technology that helps clients with shipping, receiving and distribution.  With this system, Paul is establishing a niche among craft brewers in the United States.  He said three of the top 10 craft breweries do business with Blue Horseshoe.

“His latest corporate achievement is a project with subsidiaries of Emirates Group, a huge multinational company in the United Arab Emirates. The subsidiaries are among the largest distributors of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the Middle East. Blue Horseshoe guides them in decisions for beer, wine and liquor distribution from the Middle East to Africa, Asia and Australia.

“The Blue Horseshoe program helps clients become more efficient and responsive to their customers.”

Read the rest of the story online …

Signing Bells Brewery

We recently announced our new relationship with Bell’s Brewery, Inc. of Comstock, MI, which chose us to upgrade its enterprise system with Blue Horseshoe’s Microsoft Dynamics AX Brewery Solution, to help the once small craft brewer grow, manage and expand its distribution of some of the most popular craft beers in America. Bell’s, founded in Kalamazoo, MI, has more than 20 different beers that are distributed to nearly two dozen states.

“We are very pleased to add another of the top craft brewers to our growing list of companies that rely on Blue Horseshoe’s expertise and unique Dynamics AX Brewery Solution,” said Chris Cason, president of Blue Horseshoe. “We are proud to become a part of the ever-growing success story of Bell’s Brewery.”

Bell’s Brewery recently ranked No. 8 in the Top 50 Breweries in the USA by the Brewers Association, which represents more than 2,300 U.S. breweries and promotes and work of craft brewers, retailers, wholesalers and others in the industry.

“We are excited to work with a company that has a strong understanding of the craft brew industry and look forward to developing a system that will help our world class brewery continue to grow,” said Pat Gray, Chief Financial Officer, Bell’s Brewery, Inc.

Bell’s is the latest craft brewer to choose Blue Horseshoe to upgrade its enterprise systems with their Microsoft Dynamics AX Brewery Solution.  From financials, to production to warehouse management, Bell’s will be upgrading and gaining efficiencies by leveraging Blue Horseshoe’s experience with leading brewers and beverage distribution companies.

Bell’s Brewery, Inc. began in 1985 with a quest for better beer and a 15 gallon soup kettle. Since then, the company has grown into a regional craft brewery that employs more than 330 people over a 20 state area, in addition to Puerto Rico and Washington DC. The dedication to brewing flavorful, unfiltered, quality craft beers that started in 1985 is still there today. The company currently brews over 20 beers for distribution as well as many other small batch beers that are served at its pub in Kalamazoo, the Eccentric Café. The company’s ongoing goal is to brew thoughtfully, creatively and artistically, striving to bring an authentic and pleasant experience to all customers through unique ales and beers.

SOURCE: Official Bell’s Brewery Press Release

For more information

If you are interested in learning more about what Blue Horseshoe can do for your business, drop us a note or give us a call. We are happy to take a look at your operation – no matter if you are into craft beer or any other product or business – and show you how to become more efficient and profitable.


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