A Winning System Integration : Growing logistics provider wows customers

A Winning System Integration : Growing logistics provider wows customers

Challenge: Integrate legacy systems with new enterprise and customer tools
Solution: Scribe Insight paired with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Blue Horseshoe Warehousing for AX
Company: Biagi Bros.
Headquarters: Napa, California
Operation: Transportation, warehousing, and third-party logistics company

The Challenge: 
Biagi Bros. is a nationwide third-party logistics (3PL) provider based in Napa, California, that works with diverse areas of the supply chain, from transportation to warehousing. As the business grew from a pair of trucks hauling wine up and down Napa Valley to a large 3PL and warehousing firm, its legacy accounting and warehouse management system (WMS) software was unable to keep up. Integrating customer systems and tracking both internal and external inventory at every stage of the journey became necessary.

The company’s accounting system also lacked visibility into operations, which hampered decision making. Additionally, accounts receivable had trouble reconciling payment discrepancies because professionals could not see the operational data generating the charges. The team at Biagi Bros. needed a way to modernize their legacy tools and integrate with customer systems to enable a constant exchange of order data. They hoped to see a reduction in administrative effort and a method of combining data from accounting, warehousing, and freight systems to provide employees and customers easy access to pertinent information. It became clear that Biagi Bros. needed a true enterprise resources planning (ERP) solution that integrated many features of a WMS into one system. Unfortunately, most ERP software lacked the functionality needed by a 3PL provider.

The Solution:
Biagi Bros. selected Blue Horseshoe’s tier-one WMS solution, created as an add-on to Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP. As Blue Horseshoe’s Warehousing for AX (WAX) is housed within Microsoft’s system, it would fulfill the team’s desire to have one database in play. Biagi Bros. became the first customer to implement and go live with WAX, which since has become a built-in feature in Microsoft Dynamics AX. In addition, to connect new and existing internal systems, as well as customer systems, Blue Horseshoe leveraged Scribe Software’s Insight solution.

The Results:
Through the combination of the Insight platform and WAX, Biagi Bros. gained a middleware cloud and on-premise integration between WMS and customer systems. More importantly, the company realized its goal to create a constant flow of information. Thus far, Biagi Bros. has 22 internal integrations and has added 25 customers into its systems. The solution enables the automatic exchange of sales orders, purchase orders, shipping confirmations, and advanced shipment notices. Customers also can upload new inventory items, which automatically populate in the ERP system. “We have so many customers wanting to integrate. We want to rapidly support their integration demands because it will save time overall and reduce data re-entry,” says Nick Biagi, director of information technology and accounts receivable at Biagi Bros. “Scribe has been able to do a lot of integrations for a lot of customers really quickly—at a minimal cost.” Integrations typically are performed within a week, though some are created in as little as two hours. Even customers that do not use standard systems can easily integrate with the Biagi Bros. systems within a matter
of weeks, thanks to the Insight platform’s ease of use and flexibility.

As a result of the integrated ERP and WMS systems, the company has achieved a significant reduction in administrative time to re-key order information. Team members also have experienced fewer data entry errors, better integration of freight orders into sales orders, and an accelerated process for transforming sales orders into payables. In less than one year, Biagi Bros. went from
a company relying on outdated warehousing technology to one that is ready to integrate with any future customer in a matter of weeks.

*Written by Scribe for APICS magazine

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