Blue Horseshoe Knows Your Business Issues…

Innovative approaches and technologies
Operations management from the point-of-sale to the back-end inventory management
Clear and accurate tracking of financials
Optimized inventory management

Blue Horseshoe has solutions…

Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Optimizes inventory management
  • Streamlines operations by automating purchase orders and payables
  • Gains access to complete customer information and meet purchasing needs
  • Consolidates crucial business data– all while preserving local information.

Microsoft Dynamics® AX for Retail

  • Accelerate business success with a single, END TO END SOLUTION-ONE PLATFORM.
  • Empower employees to improve CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.
  • Add stores and expand into NEW RETAIL CHANNEL

Manhattan SCALE

  • Forecasting – predict demand at the product and location level for replenishment
  • Integrate planning for web, catalog and store operations to increase efficiency
  • Turn over inventory faster by ensuring you have what you need when you need it and where you need it to be

Microsoft Dynamics RMS

  • Integrates POS and management tools such as customer profiling, inventory management and accounting
  • Robust ERP systems support warehouse management and payroll on a single platform
  • Centralizes merchandising across stores

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