Beer Production & Distribution

Beer Production & Distribution

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SUPPLY CHAIN solutions.

For two decades Blue Horseshoe has specialized in the beverage manufacturing and distribution industry; providing Enterprise Software Implementation, Strategic & Management Consulting, Warehouse Management Expertise and Global Supply Chain Solutions.

We have extensive history in evaluating and improving existing systems, as well as implementing new systems & procedures to improve operational efficiencies and profitability.

Industry Challenges

Our team takes an in-depth look at your critical business and IT system issues, identifying areas for the greatest ROI, and suggesting ways to improve your business processes while also leveraging your existing technology.

Reduce inefficient processes: Simplifying shelf-life management and customer-specific requests with accounting, warehousing, and procurement applications.
Improve order fulfillment and accuracy: Optimize product placement to increase work-force efficiency, boost fulfillment rates, reduce cycle time, and eliminate user-error and charge backs.
Increase customer satisfaction: Improve order accuracy with real-time inventory and account status.  Allow for flexible order processing and comprehensive CRM solutions to increase customer contact and awareness.
Lower cost of operations: Automate comprehensive business processes with Route Accounting, ERP, WMS, and BI solutions. 

We have the solution to perform all your daily operations, inventory status, sales data, and mission critical information all on one system (Cloud-based solutions as well).  Our goal is to improve your business operations while reducing your overall IT costs.


Industry Specific Business Applications

We understand that your
industry is facing pressures such as consolidation, growing competition, flat market growth, increased labor costs and complex SKU growth. Blue
Horseshoe has the right solutions and experience to help you face these challenges head on in every step of the process.
Direct Store Delivery & Route Accounting

Supply Chain Management (SCEM)

Enterprise Financial Systems

Warehouse Management (WMS)

Transportation Management (TMS)

Facility Planning & Design

Operational Assessments & Optimization

We chose Blue Horseshoe because the company has an impressive track record of implementing solutions across a number of different industries and verticals. Blue Horseshoe is committed to developing solutions that will meet our needs today and in years to come.–Nick Biagi, Biagi Bros.

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