Success Stories

Success Stories

“We selected Blue Horseshoe as one of our consulting and system implementation partners because they have a proven track record of efficiently implementing end-to-end retail solutions. Furthermore, they understand our organizational needs, as well as the importance of improving the customer experience”
  — Patty Wade, Mattress Firm CIO & Vice President of Strategic Planning

“Our business goal is to double in size every five years. We will be adding products to complement our existing portfolio and entertaining possible acquisitions. We’re going to the next level. We needed a system that could keep pace. WAX and TRAX complement Dynamics AX and give us the right solution to support our growth.”

“Before we purchased WAX and Dynamics AX, we had an ERP and a best-of-breed warehouse management system (WMS) that we struggled to keep in sync with one another.  We were dysfunctional. We needed one fully integrated and extended system to enable the flexibility, productivity and accuracy we needed — a single version of the truth became imperative.”
— Kyle Pettine, Chief Operations Officer, Forney Industries

“Blue Horseshoe was able to analyze our entire business operations and propose a very strategic, comprehensive bundle of solutions that will quickly and ultimately improve our overall efficiency as a company.”
— Gianni Barkett, Chief Information Officer, Amalie Oil Co.

“We chose Blue Horseshoe because the company has an impressive track record of implementing solutions across a number of different industries and verticals. Blue Horseshoe is committed to developing solutions that will meet our needs today and in years to come.”
— Nick Biagi, Director of Information Technology, Biagi Bros

“Blue Horseshoe was the profound differentiator. They were cost effective, local, and did a great job from an operational standpoint and the consulting process.  They really have done a wonderful job in understanding our business and tailoring systems that fit our business.”

“The people from Blue Horseshoe not only acted as technology consultants, but also as business consultants.  They were extremely helpful from a consultant standpoint on our operations side and on a systems side.”
— Robert Kimbrell, VP of Operations, Holland House Furniture

“We looked at many ERP solutions within our budget, and none were as flexible and powerful as Microsoft Dynamics. We look forward to working with our trusted partner, Blue Horseshoe, to further increase our operational efficiency.”

— Sandy Cirel Delaus, Vice President of Operations, Mirror Show Management

 “Blue Horseshoe was able to quickly understand our supply chain business and proposed its Vendor Portal system as a solution to significant challenges we were experiencing. Our efficiencies in shipping, receiving, warehouse and tracking our international orders has improved with Blue Horseshoe’s solution and we look forward to our next steps with Blue Horseshoe to further enhance our operations.”
— Daniel Dugan, IT Director of Application Services, Batteries Plus

“We chose to partner with Manhattan and Blue Horseshoe to support our market growth as well as the onset of rapid SKU proliferation.  Manhattan’s proven track record combined with Blue Horseshoe’s experience and commitment to our industry made them the clear choice for J.J. Taylor as we continue to optimize our entire supply chain.”
— Bruce Whitely, Chief Information Officer, J.J. Taylor Companies

At BLACKHAWK!, “Performance Rules!”. We chose Blue Horseshoe to be our Manhattan WMS partner, to drive increased utilization & operational performance, and support our expanded business growth. Their success in this mission helped us to also choose them to be our Dynamics AX partner, as we embark upon an upcoming major upgrade and expansion of capabilities. Blue Horseshoe has demonstrated the ability to act with practical and economic efficiency, and deliver ”as needed”,  “as expected” and “as promised” results, contributing to our bottom-line.
— Tony Woods, Director of Enterprise Operations and Systems, BLACKHAWK!

 “We chose Blue Horseshoe because of their vast experience with the supply chain and with implementing supply-chain solutions.  Blue Horseshoe was very knowledgeable, and their team’s experience made the decision very easy. In addition, the implementation team Blue Horseshoe sent out here was great.”
— Rob Lakatos, Purchasing Manager, Forney Industries

“Our project had a lot of moving parts including EDI, ERP, BI, and WMS.  Blue Horseshoe handled the WMS and related ERP feeds.  They delivered flawlessly and were 100% consistent and reliable in their delivery.  My motto for them was “consider it done” because when I gave them something I marked it as complete knowing no follow-up would be required.  Blue Horseshoe is an excellent consulting partner.”

  — Jeff DeSandre, Director IT Applications, Paper Magic Group

“Sisters of Mercy Health System engaged Blue Horseshoe to assist with our enterprise Lawson implementation.  Our experience with BH was exceptional.  The resources were expert-level in their knowledge of Lawson.  Their execution was professional, timely and exceeded our expectations.  BH was instrumental in helping us achieve our business goals.”

  Jayson R. Chitwood, Vice President, Applications  Mercy Information Services Division

“Blue Horseshoe has shown that they truly see our relationship as a strategic partnership.  We have complete trust and confidence in their ability to understand their customers requirements and more importantly, able to deliver on what they promise.  They are very eager to develop the tools and knowledge of our product and willing to dedicate whatever resources are necessary to achieve their goals.  I would recommend Blue Horseshoe to anybody look to grow their business.”   

   Jeff Stieber, Director Channel & Direct Sales – iQ4bis, Inc.

“We chose Blue Horseshoe as a business partner because of their dedication to providing the best possible service and value to their customers.  They make it a top priority to understand your business so they can help guide and implement solutions that ultimately drive customer satisfaction while adding to the bottom line.  Their proactive approach to finding and implementing solutions has helped us reduce implementation costs while speeding up the delivery of the solutions.”   

   Paul Finley, Director of Supply Chain Management, Anderson Press, Inc.

“Blue Horseshoe understands business processes today and what it takes to implement mission critical applications. They are in tune with the latest technologies and how to apply them so customers gain the most ROI. As a valued added partner of Intermec, Blue Horseshoe continues to add value to our customers by offering a total solution from business process analysis to implementation and training.”

   Bill Twiss, Channel Business Manager, Intermec

“We chose Blue Horseshoe as a business partner because of their extensive knowledge and experience in the restaurant industry.  Their ability to understand our business requirements helped us avoid many of the landmines that other companies faced.  With their guidance we were able to achieve a successful implementation that laid the groundwork for ongoing process improvements.

   Michael R. Everett, Vice President Information Services, Frisch’s Restaurants, Inc.

“Blue Horseshoe has been our trusted business partner for more than 15 years…”They are results driven, and consistently deliver high quality solutions, by coming in and working to understand the unique challenges and requirements that your business faces.  They design and implement solutions that work for your supply chain operation – as opposed to taking a “cookie-cutter” approach of making your business fit the solution.  They have demonstrated that they are very dedicated to their clients, and are committed to helping your business grow and adapt in a rapidly evolving economy.”


   Greg Cohen, Vice President of Operations, Magid Glove and Safety
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“Blue Horseshoe was a natural choice for a partnering relationship.  They get it.  Some folks talk about vertical and industry knowledge; Blue Horseshoe delivers.  From Wholesale Distribution through Consumer Goods, these guys “flat out” know the business”

   — Brian Timberlake, President, FlintFox USA

“Blue Horseshoe provided the technical expertise for our software upgrade, yet was able to train and relate the changes to the staff at their level.  They provided business solutions as well as software and project management expertise.  I would highly recommend them.”

   — Ron Roemer, Vice President & CFO, MISA Metals, Inc.

“In early 2006, our executive team determined that we needed to make substantial changes in our distribution operation and the supporting fulfillment systems to meet our growing company’s needs, especially during the critical holiday season. We decided to upgrade our very customized Manhattan WMS system to the latest release of the WM product, and to make substantial improvements to the overall operation based upon new system functionality.  We selected Blue Horseshoe to run this very complex upgrade project for two reasons – their experience and their strong relationship with Manhattan Associates. We needed both companies to pull off an upgrade of this magnitude and complexity in such a short time period, and Manhattan and Blue Horseshoe worked together to deliver a very successful project. Our 2006 holiday season was a tremendous success, and we are well-positioned for future growth and evolving requirements.”

   — Jason Mundell, Director of Warehousing Systems, eToys

“Blue Horseshoe has been a strategic partner of Ability Tri-Modal for years.  The multi-modal transportation industry has unique requirements.  Blue Horseshoe helped us to implement the business software while working with us to address our specific needs such as customer billing and driver settlements.  They are quite responsive in support of the solution and have helped Tri-Modal to realize our mantra – Service Above Self.”

  Ray Kano, Systems Administrator, Ability Tri-Modal

“The Blue Horseshoe team has been a Manhattan partner since 2001 and has worked in developing, deploying, and selling our solutions not only since the partner inception, but for a number of years prior. They are one or our very best and trusted partners and provide delivery and quality of solution first and foremost to our mutual clients. We have relied on them to help with some of our most difficult mid market deployments and leverage them when appropriate with our services group as sub contractors.  I would recommend them most any work I think they might be asked to deliver. As I have many times in the past.”

  Todd Sterrenberg, Vice President, Manhattan Associates